Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar review

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Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar review

For the ultimate in professional video conferencing without the need for extra peripherals like an external microphone or speaker, the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar has everything you need.

Supported resolution: Ultra HD (4K 16:9, 2160p), Full HD (1080p) and HD (720p)
Diagonal field of view: 90 degrees
Focus type: Autofocus
Lens type:  Glass
Built-in mic: 3-element beamforming microphone array
Dimensions:  17 x 3 x 3 (2.5 inches without monitor clamp)
Weight: 1.81 pounds

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There are webcams, and then there are webcams. The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar is certainly the latter. It’s the largest and most expensive webcam that I’ve tested, and there are certainly smaller cameras that can get the job done. However, the Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar — a smaller version of the company’s conference room camera system — includes many of the features that you would find in conference cameras typically used for large-scale video deployments. Features like premium audio and video, and compatibility with all of the major video conferencing services. But does all of this justify a higher price and produce a better experience? Keep reading our Poly Studio P15 review to find out.

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