Post+ Subscriptions Could Make Tumblr Relevant Again

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Post+ Subscriptions Could Make Tumblr Relevant Again

Tumblr, the OG meme machine, now has paid post subscriptions. Tumblr’s back, baby.

Tumblr’s new subscription service is called Post+, and it lets Tumblr microbloggers choose which posts they want public, and which to put behind a paywall. Subscribers pay $3.99, $5.99, or $9.99 per month—the amount is decided by the creator, and Tumblr takes a 5% cut. And that’s it. Super simple, just like the original all-free Tumblr. But can it bring the blogging service back?

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“Of course, Tumblr’s paid subscriptions will make the platform relevant again. The formula sounds a lot like what Substack offers—a blog and an easy way for writers to charge for it—minus the whole emailed newsletter component,” Olivia Tan, co-founder of online communications company CocoFax, told Lifewire via email. 

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