Pro Photographers Totally Use Camera Phones—and Here’s Why

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Pro Photographers Totally Use Camera Phones—and Here’s Why

We’ll let you into a secret: Professional photographers love their camera phones as much as the rest of us, and for the same reasons. 

Dedicated camera hardware still gets way better results than your iPhone or Pixel camera, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Add in the huge convenience of the pocketable phone camera, plus the computational-photography features that a DSLR can only dream of, and you have a fantastic tool for professionals. In fact, one big reason that they don’t use their phones more for their work is that clients might not take them seriously. 

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“There are not really any barriers these days. As a matter of fact, with Profoto lights, you can shoot with a camera phone and use studio flash. Imagine an Annie Leibovitz lighting setup with her huge umbrellas and firing the flash from your phone. We’ve hit a golden age of photography right now,” pro photographer Weldon Brewster told Lifewire via email. 

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