Raspberry Pi Pico Project Automatically Tunes Any Guitar String

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Raspberry Pi Pico Project Automatically Tunes Any Guitar String

Music is notably mathematical, so it should come as no surprise that many makers turn to creating their own Raspberry Pi-based solutions for musical problems. Today we’ve got a sharp, problem-solving creation to share from maker Guyrandy Jean-Gilles. Tired of twisting his pegs, Jean-Gilles opted to develop his own Raspberry Pi Pico-powered automatic guitar tuner.

The project design is inspired by the Roadie 3 automatic tuner from Band Industries. However, Jean-Gilles’s creation is housed inside a custom, 3D-printed shell and is built from scratch for a more affordable end product.

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Jean-Gilles was kind enough to release the project as open-source for anyone interested in recreating it. He provided a full parts list of everything you need to get started, aside from the 3D printer and filament for the housing. The tuner is built on top of a Raspberry Pi Pico. To turn the pegs, it uses a GM11a DC motor. An Electret Microphone (Jean-Gilles specifies with MAX4466 adjustable gain) is used to listen to the string as it’s tuned. You’ll also need a button, 8-way rotary swing, an L293D Dual H-Bridge, some LEDs, and an Adafruit Powerboost 1000c module.

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