Razer Opus review: surprisingly competent wireless headphones

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Razer Opus review: surprisingly competent wireless headphones

Razer’s new $200 Opus noise-canceling, wireless headphones aren’t good enough to tempt me away from my tried-and-true $350 Sony WH-1000XM3. I’m not surprised by that, partially given the huge price difference. More so, I wasn’t expecting miracles given Razer’s comparative lack of experience in making headphones. However, they are good enough to make me doubt if my Sony’s are that much better to warrant costing almost double the amount. My answer to that question is yes, but nevertheless, that the Opus is making me question it at all speaks to their quality and value.

For the money, these come with almost everything I want in a set of headphones: comfort, good sound quality, and long battery life — with a few extra features as a bonus. For instance, the ear cups can swivel 90 degrees to rest on my chest, then into an even more compact form to fold up into the included hard case. These headphones can automatically pause when you remove them from your ears, as well.

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As far as value is concerned, Razer nailed a lot of little details with the Opus and it’s easy to recommend them over most other $200 headphones with similar features. Though, if you’re looking for an excellent noise cancellation effect that blocks out a lot of noise, or full-bodied sound performance that is truly engaging, you’ll need to pay a little more for your headphones.

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