Risk of Rain 2 review

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Risk of Rain 2 review

The quest for outrageous items makes Risk of Rain 2 a strong action roguelike, but its unlockable secrets give it that little something extra.

I fall for Risk of Rain 2’s trick every time. An hour into a good run my character is plastered head-to-toe in bizarre power-ups, like a katamari rolled through a novelty shop. Yes, I have three teddy bears strapped to my thigh, but those are important, because teddy bears have a percentage chance of blocking all incoming damage. Obviously I have seven needles stuck into my head. How else am I going to massively increase my attack speed? When I’m loaded down with dozens of items, Risk of Rain 2 always fools me into feeling unstoppable. “I am a golden god” echoes through my mind. And then something hits me so hard it knocks the godhood right out of me, and whoosh. Dead in an instant, game over. How did I ever think three teddy bears would be enough?

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What is it? Clear skies, full loot, can’t lose
Expect to pay $20/£15
Developer Hopoo Games
Publisher Gearbox Publishing
Reviewed on GTX 1080, Intel  i7-7700K , 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? 4-player co-op
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