'Roguebook' Is a Literary Dungeon Crawl

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'Roguebook' Is a Literary Dungeon Crawl

If you like card games, dark fantasy, tactical experiences, and being repeatedly murdered, Roguebook is a confluence of your particular interests.

New on Steam this week, Roguebook is a “deckbuilding roguelike” from Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, and the indie Belgian studio Abrakam, best known for its 2017 card game Faeria.

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I always end up putting hundreds of hours into games like these, specifically because they’re easy to pick up and play for short periods, but they also reward cleverness, strategy, and thinking on your feet. Roguebook is fast-paced, deep, and addictive, but when compared to other recent deckbuilders like Slay the Spire, it has one major mechanical issue that’ll take some explanation.

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