Saatva Classic mattress review (2021)

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Saatva Classic mattress review (2021)

The flagship Saatva Classic mattress is a luxurious, hotel-quality innerspring mattress that delivers premium comfort and support for a lot less than its high-end rivals. The plush pillow top provides soft cushioning for your entire body, while a double layer of coils offers sturdy lumbar support with a little bounce. We loved sleeping on this mattress. If you’re looking for affordable luxury that lasts, the Saatva Classic is a superb choice.

The Saatva Classic mattress is a popular innerspring mattress and the go-to model from New York-based Saatva sleep. One of the first brands to step into the affordable luxury online mattress market, Saatva has since become synonymous with high-end mattresses at much more reasonable prices.

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Saatva’s competitive pricing is possible because, bar one showroom in New York, it’s pretty much an online-only brand. That means the brand side-steps any storefront costs, and instead claims to put those big savings into materials and manufacturing. One glance at the Saatva Classic’s price tag and it certainly seems impressively affordable for the quality and materials compared to its rivals.

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