Saints Row Release Date Delayed

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Saints Row Release Date Delayed

Saints Row developer Deep Silver has confirmed it is delaying the highly anticipated reboot roughly six months from February 2022 to August 2022.

Developer Deep Silver has announced that its reboot of Saints Row is being delayed roughly six months to allow additional time for polish and fine-tuning. Deep Silver was incredibly specific with its wording in a message regarding the delay, noting that the content of Saints Row will not change. There’s been a vocal backlash to the aesthetic of the reboot, so it seems like Deep Silver will be sticking to its guns.

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Shortly after its reveal, Deep Silver responded to the Saints Row backlash by simply saying “Haters gonna hate.” The main criticism has stemmed from the game having a more cartoony art style, despite the series never having leaned into more realistic graphics like Grand Theft Auto. Some fans were also disappointed that characters like Johnny Gat are also notably absent from the game and there’s some fear that Deep Silver has lost its edge. Nonetheless, it looks like the developer will maintain its vision despite the delay.

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