Samsung Odyssey G7 review

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Samsung Odyssey G7 review

A fabulous gaming monitor that proves VA panels can be super responsive, but HDR performance disappoints.

Is VA panel technology truly suitable for a bleeding-edge gaming display? That’s the conundrum facing the new Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G7. It’s a premium-priced 27-inch monitor with its work cut out convincing doubters who remember the bad old days of VA panels and associate the technology with ghastly ghosting and chronic lag. That aside, the G7 offers an awfully appealing all-round package, including 1440p resolution, high refresh, adaptive sync, and HDR support, all wrapped up in a snazzy looking chassis and finished with an aggressively curved design.

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Speaking of LCD curvature, the G7’s super-tight 1000R panel is certainly a defining feature and arguably an opinion splitter. It’s much more curved than most equivalent monitors, which are usually in the 1500R to 1800R range. By other metrics, the G7 is more conventional, albeit at the cutting edge of convention.

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