Seagate Preps 2nd Generation HAMR HDDs with 30TB Capacity

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Seagate Preps 2nd Generation HAMR HDDs with 30TB Capacity

Seagate has been a strong proponent of heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) for years and has even shipped thousands of such hard drives to select customers. But apparently the company still does not have plans to make the first generation of its HAMR-based HDDs a high-volume product. Apparently, the company is already working on its second-generation HAMR drives that it expects to roll out to a mass market.

“We have a 20TB HAMR that we actually started to sell December last year, […] we are just producing enough quantity that we can sell to our main customers so that they get familiar with the new drive,” said Gianluca Romano, Seagate’s CFO, at Citi 2021 Global Technology Virtual Conference (via SeekingAlpha). We are developing our second-generation HAMR drive that will be probably around 30TB. That is the drive that we want to ramp in volume.”

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Romano did not disclose when the company expects its second-eneration HAMR platform to hit the market. Yet, keeping in mind that Seagate plans to launch a 50TB HDD in FY2025 (which ends in mid-2025), it is reasonable to expect the company to launch its 30TB hard drives sometime before that (think calendar year 2023 or early 2024). On the one hand, this means that Seagate still has aggressive plans for HAMR, but on the other hand, this means that high-volume roll out of this technology will be delayed by quite a bit.

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