Sensate 2 review

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Sensate 2 review

If you’re craving calming vibes, look no further than Sensate 2. Combining a pebble-shaped wearable that sits on your sternum with a selection of soothing audio tracks provided by a mobile app, it’s a bundle that works to good effect. You’ll need to choose from 10-, 20- or 30-minute sessions and stick with it to get the full-on immersive experience. It’s worth investing the time, though, and you’ll enjoy an air of calm if you’re prepared to let Sensate 2 do its stuff. While the audio selection will need to be beefed up in time to provide continuing interest and stimulation, this is a solid enough start. There’s very little involved in getting Sensate 2 up and running too, which makes it more appealing than some rivals with their more fiddly configuration options.

Sensate 2 is billed as a state-of-the-art sensory device, which combines a plastic palm-sized, pebble-shaped chunk of hardware with an audio app. You hang the wearable around your neck with an included lanyard, while the audio app supplies lots of calming audio.

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Together, the pairing provides a powerful range of infrasonic sound waves that target the nervous system, most notably the vagus nerve. Used correctly the bundle can help to promote relaxation and build up your resilience to stress.

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