Shorts To Allow Audio Sampling From Any YouTube Video

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Shorts To Allow Audio Sampling From Any YouTube Video

As reported by The Verge, Shorts currently allows users to pull audio from other Shorts videos, but a recent community post has revealed that there are plans to cast a much wider net. According to TeamYouTube Community Manager Camilla, “If you’re part of the initial roll out, you’ll be able to create Shorts using audio from other videos straight from the video watch page, both for Shorts and other videos you find on YouTube.” This initial rollout should be available now in the UK, Canada, India, and several Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela.


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The post goes on to explain that this new feature will allow Shorts users to incorporate audio from “any eligible long-form video on YouTube.” Shorts also will generate a link back to the video source for the pulled audio on the Shorts pivot page. The intention is to give creators more audio options for their videos, while also potentially expanding the audience for the source video.

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