SilverStone SX750 Platinum SFX Power Supply Review

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SilverStone SX750 Platinum SFX Power Supply Review

SilverStone managed to meet Corsair and release an equally strong SFX power supply, with 750W output power. But the SX750 Platinum isn’t as good an overall performer as Corsair’s SF750 Platinum.

The SilverStone SX750 has an extremely high power density, meeting the rival Corsair SF750, but it cannot achieve the same performance levels. In fact, the overall performance difference between the SX750 and the SF750 reaches 13%, favoring the Corsair unit. Therefore, SilverStone needs to make several changes in this PSU to increase its performance and make it competitive enough to be on our list of the best power supplies, replacing the Corsair SF750 in the best SFX PSU category. 

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The SilverStone SX750 is among the strongest SFX units, along with the Corsair SF750 and the Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold. However, delivering so much power out of a tiny SFX platform is tough, especially after high performance. There is no room on the small PCB for extra ripple filtering capacitors and the parts are cramped, so airflow isn’t exactly optimal. In other words, you should not expect compact and high power density PSUs to be quiet under stressful conditions (e.g., high loads and increased operating temperatures). 

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