Solasta: Crown of the Magister review

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Solasta: Crown of the Magister review

Solasta’s storytelling may not be up to much, but its tactical combat and accessible approach to D&D rules make it worth considering for CRPG fans.

What is it? Authentic D&D RPG with great dungeons but dodgy writing.
Expect to pay $40/£31
Developer Tactical Adventures
Publisher Tactical Adventures
Multiplayer? No
Reviewed on AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super, 32 GB RAM, caffeine and late nights.
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Whatever else Solasta may be, you can’t fault its authenticity. Tactical Adventures’ RPG is the truest virtual representation of a D&D ruleset since Neverwinter Nights. Armour classes, spell preparation, wincing at a bad dice-roll, it all brings back fond, occasionally agonising memories of BioWare’s early games. The Fifth Edition rules form the backbone of this sprawling RPG, filled with giant, puzzle-y dungeons and challenging tactical combat. It’s a decent first effort from the small French studio, albeit one that suffers from clumsy and derivative storytelling.

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