Someone Made Ubuntu Look Just Like Windows 11

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Someone Made Ubuntu Look Just Like Windows 11

Are you a Linux user? Do you like the look of Microsoft’s newest Windows 11 operating system but still fancy running a Linux kernel-based OS? Well, for all 12 of you out there, the Brazilian Linux distribution LinuxFX version 11 might be for you. This distribution is all Linux under the hood, but the UI looks impressively close to what you’ll see on Windows 11.

LinuxFX is a Linux distribution based on KDE Plasma, which itself is based on Ubuntu Core, with KDE desktop environment (DE) placed on top of it. This specific KDE DE uses the WX Desktop theme, which represents a heavy set of modifications to the whole look and feel of the operating system meant to make it look more like Windows. Version 11, as you might expect, is the version that apes Windows 11. Previous versions have instead aimed to copy Windows 10.

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This update to the WX Desktop theme uses a custom set of icons, as well as some custom animations like the centered taskbar and many other elements that the Windows 11 user interface possesses. This is, of course, the main advertising point of the LinuxFX distro.

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