Sonos One SL review

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Sonos One SL review

Hate voice control? Or simply don’t need it on everything? This microphone-less version of the Sonos One – in effect a direct replacement of the Sonos Play:1 – can be stereo-paired with a Sonos One and also used as home cinema rear speaker if you’ve got a Sonos Playbar, Playbase or Beam.

A smart speaker without voice control? The horror … or … rejoice! There are those that love Alexa, and have Amazon’s voice assistant, Siri or the Google Assistant control their home’s music, lights and much more. However, there are people for whom the very idea of a voice assistant on the latest and greatest Sonos speaker is a deal-breaker.

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Cue the Sonos One SL, a Sonos One (Gen 2) without an always-on microphone, and so without Alexa, or any other voice-activated helper. In effect, it’s a direct replacement for the Sonos Play:1

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