Spiritfarer review

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Spiritfarer review

A thought-provoking and bittersweet adventure that understands that death is part of living.

What is it? A wholesome life-sim where you ferry spirits into the afterlife
Expect to pay $30 / £24
Developer Thunder Lotus
Publisher Thunder Lotus
Reviewed on i5-2500K, 8GB RAM, GTX 670
Multiplayer Yes
Link Official site 

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Spiritfarer’s lead writer and creative director Nicholas Guérin was at Ubisoft before he joined Thunder Lotus Games. During his nine years there, he worked on the Assassin’s Creed series as a level designer, creating scenarios that would let players efficiently and brutally stab people in the neck in acts of vengeful fun. Wanting to create something a little closer to home, Guérin joined Thunder Lotus to develop a game where “everything centered around care”—that approached the topic of death with compassion and openness. Spiritfarer, a life sim about dying, does exactly that.

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