Steam Deck Won't Kill the Switch, Experts Say

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Steam Deck Won't Kill the Switch, Experts Say

Valve’s new console has created a lot of excitement—with some calling it a “Switch killer”—but the Steam Deck is much more likely to thrive with its own audience.

When the Steam Deck was first revealed and preorders were announced, a lot of people started speculating that it would usurp the immensely popular Nintendo Switch. It’s an easy comparison to make as the two devices do bear a resemblance to each other, with Valve even revealing a dock that can connect the console to an external display. Given how popular Steam is as a digital platform, the Steam Deck also offers a massive library of games right from the start.

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“I don’t think the Steam Deck will do serious damage to Nintendo’s market, but it won’t be a flop either,” said Patrizia Pisani, editor at VionixStudio, in an email interview with Lifewire. “The Steam Deck is already being considered a great console, and it has a huge library of games on the Steam store.”

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