Teamgroup PD1000 external rugged SSD review

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Teamgroup PD1000 external rugged SSD review

We had a hard time trying to fault the PD1000. Teamgroup’s mainstream external SSD approaches perfection. It is affordable, it is waterproof, it matches our expectations when it comes to performance and has a three-year warranty. The only missing piece of the puzzle is longevity.

Teamgroup has quietly established itself as a capable alternative to the bigger brands out there and the PD1000 is certainly the best example of what it can achieve. This external solid state drive is not only IP68-rated and shockproof, it is also one of the fastest USB 3.2 Gen 2 storage devices we’ve tested on sustained read speeds. If that wasn’t enough, its aluminum enclosure is scratch resistant and acts like a giant heat sink as well which keeps operating temperatures under control and may be one of the factors that explains why the PD1000 has a three-year warranty.

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Best of all though, it is one of the most affordable external SSDs on the market regardless of performance. The 1TB model we tested retails for just under $130 at Amazon while the 2TB is even cheaper (per unit storage) at $234 (or $117 per TB). A 512GB version is also available but we’d give it a wide berth. Note that you can add a 3-year data recovery plan on Amazon for a mere $14.99, which is an absolute no-brainer. In a nutshell, if your drive stops working, the Rescue data recovery plan “will attempt to recover the data from the failed drive and recovered data will be returned on a media storage device or via secure cloud storage.”

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