The best 8K TVs in 2021

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The best 8K TVs in 2021

The best 8K TVs push the boundaries of TV technology, with the best TV brands all offering models with ultra-high-resolution alongside the best features and technologies available. With 8K displays boasting an incredible 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution, translating into more than 33 million pixels, the move to 8K is a definite visual upgrade. But which are the best? And how can you choose the one that’s right for you?

We’ve been following the development of 8K TVs since they were first announced, and have scrutinized every model we could get our eyes on in reviews, product demos, and even floor models at our local tech retailers. We’ve pored over the test results and product specs, and compared the numbers to help you know which 8K TVs are best.

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Since their introduction with the first Samsung 8K QLED models a few years ago, 8K TVs have wowed in demos and set a new bar for premium TV prices. But it’s still a new segment of the TV market, and relatively few 8K TVs are even being sold, let alone finding homes in people’s living rooms.

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