The best Amazon Fire tablets in 2021

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The best Amazon Fire tablets in 2021

The best Amazon Fire tablet for you can be tricky to find, because Amazon sells its cheap, durable tablets in a variety of (sometimes similar) sizes and configurations. 

While each offers some subtly different strengths, they all excel at allowing you to enjoy your Amazon content on the go. All Fire tablets run on Amazon’s Fire OS, a custom version of Android, and it does a great job of serving up your Kindle ebooks, Prime Video offerings, and Amazon Music playlists in an easy-to-navigate format.

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However, they all share similar weaknesses, most notably the fact that all Fire tablets lack easy access to the Google Play Store. That means it’s effectively impossible to install a number of popular Android apps, including Google apps like Gmail, unless you sideload them — and that’s a big ask for many Fire tablet owners.

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