The best Amazon Prime VPN in 2021

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The best Amazon Prime VPN in 2021

Amazon Prime Video is one of the biggest bonuses of signing up to Bezos’ shopping empire’s premium tier – but without an Amazon Prime VPN, you’ll find the second you leave the country, almost all your content will be unavailable. That means no more Fleabag, House, Mad Men or the Man in the High Castle in your downtime on your holiday or business trip.

This is due to licensing restrictions, and unlike rival Netflix, you can’t globetrot and access different content. You’re limited to whatever is available in the country you signed up in – but if you’re abroad, using the best VPN for Amazon Prime can virtually return you and access your favorite shows.

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So, imagine you’re from the UK and signed up there. If you travel to the US you’ll find only a small selection of Amazon Originals, not the full US library. If a big draw of Prime was the ability to watch live UK sports (Premier League soccer, for example), or blockbuster films like 1917 that are exclusive to Prime in the UK, your subscription will be all but useless. But, by using an Amazon Prime VPN to relocate yourself back home, you can access what you’re paying for the world over.

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