The best business VPN services 2021

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The best business VPN services 2021

A business VPN is one of them most important items in most companies’ toolboxes. As many of us still continue to work from home (we both love it and hate it), being able to access restricted company files and data is essential for keeping our now-disparate teams cohesive – as well as protecting sensitive information from prying eyes. 

A business VPN does this by encrypting all of your internet traffic and data, meaning that even if it is intercepted, the hacker would be totally unable to read it. Plus, dedicated business VPNs deliver static IPs. This allows you to restrict access to your data to just one IP address which only you and your staff can use. 

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However, a business VPN is an investment that you’re likely to stick with for some time, so choosing the right one can be a difficult decision.

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