The best gaming chairs 2021

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The best gaming chairs 2021

The best gaming chairs are worth considering if you’ve been spending a lot of time gaming at your desk — or working from home. These stylish pieces of furniture don’t just make an aesthetic statement; they can also save your back from poor posture and painful contortions. While the best gaming chairs cost a lot more money than a standard office chair from your neighborhood discount furniture shop, they’ll also liven up your living room, while keeping your spine in the proper position.

Tom’s Guide has reviewed a variety of gaming chairs, including favorites from manufacturers like Secretlab, Anda Seat and Razer. While readers will have to decide for themselves whether to go with a gaming chair or one of the best office chairs instead, one thing is for sure: Anything on this list will treat your body a whole lot better than the ancient office chair that you should have replaced years ago.

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Although it’s a bit of a cliché, the Secretlab Omega really is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy. Secretlab has been in the gaming chair business for years, and routinely winds up near the top of these “best of” lists. The company comes by its accolades honestly, though, as Secretlab chairs really are gorgeous, customizable, comfortable and durable products. Sometimes, things are popular because they’re legitimately good.

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