The best gaming routers in 2021

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The best gaming routers in 2021

The best gaming routers can enhance every aspect of your wireless life. They can, of course, boost the throughput of your connected devices, but more than that, they can improve overall reliability, range, and allow you to connect more devices consistently. A good gaming router can also improve how all those devices communicate with each other.

We’ve traditionally stated you want a wired connection for your gaming machines, but the latest wireless kit is not only matching wired connections for speed and latency but for reliability too. A wired connection still potentially has the edge, just because plenty of gaming PCs don’t have wireless networking as standard, but this has improved a lot with the latest CPUs and motherboards. Plus, you can easily add Wi-Fi support to your PC with a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

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If you’re playing on one of the best gaming laptops, then there’s every chance you have the right hardware in it already. Getting your network up to speed is the next logical step that will improve other aspects of your tech life—such as boosting the connection to your Smart TV, consoles, tablets, smartphones, and everything else that needs a decent internet connection these days. And if you live in a sprawling home, then a Wi-Fi range extender may help too. 

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