The best graphics cards in 2021

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The best graphics cards in 2021

The best graphics card wont suddenly be flooding the stores any time soon; at best we’re expecting a trickle over the holiday period. Still, it’s not as much of a struggle to buy a new GPU as it was a few months ago. And while GPUs fluctuate in price a lot as supply and demand struggle to balance out, we do have some tips as to how to buy a graphics card during these tough times.

Although Covid-19 and cryptocurrency booms (among other things) have made it awkward to acquire a GPU at this time, we’ve still managed to test every new graphics card from the most recent generation for your benefit. We put each one through our gaming benchmark wringer on our PCG test bench, to see how they compare in thermal performance tests, power draw measurements with dedicated tools, and even average frequencies and frame times.

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The main takeaway from all this, is that the GPU scene is finally getting competitive again. The launch of the Radeon RX 6600 XT made things very interesting, with Nvidia and AMD both now clambering for the top spot. Next year, Intel will even be offering a third way: The Intel Alchemist graphics card.

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