The best jump ropes in 2021

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The best jump ropes in 2021

The best jump ropes can kick your cardiovascular system into high gear for only a few bucks. Even if you haven’t seen one since recess was the highlight of your day, just a few minutes with a jump rope can greatly improve both your endurance and overall physical fitness, as this study in the Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology found. 

Jumping rope is an activity that targets nearly every area of your body, making it an incredibly efficient workout choice. And since jump ropes are significantly less expensive than most pieces of conventional gym equipment, they’re just as friendly on your wallet as they are on your body. It’s also one of the 5 cardio exercises that burn more calories than running, too.

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Jump ropes are made from a variety of materials and come in varying lengths and diameters. Many ropes allow you to adjust the length to best suit your height, and some can even count your revolutions or estimate the calories you’ve burned. Best of all, they’re easy to throw in a bag or suitcase, so you can continue your jump rope routine anywhere you go. We tested a number of jump ropes to bring you the 10 best jump ropes for your workout routine.

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