The best Mac VPN in 2021

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The best Mac VPN in 2021

MacOS is well known as a safer and more user-friendly alternative to Microsoft Windows, and a huge selling point is the in-built security software.

However, while it’s true that Macs are better protected from malware, there’s no difference between MacOS and Windows when it comes to how your data is handled after it leaves your machine. And that’s what the best VPN for Mac is for – safeguarding and anonymizing your information after it’s left your device. Once your data is out in the badlands of the web, the fact you’re using a Mac is of no importance, and having the best Mac VPN you can find is a privacy essential.

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A Mac VPN isn’t just for protecting your online banking details and staying safe when torrenting, though. A hugely popular use is to unblock regional Netflix libraries and gain access to other streaming services in locations you wouldn’t normally be able use them. Whatever you’re planning on using it for, though, your Mac VPN should be able to do it all.

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