The best settings for Deathloop

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The best settings for Deathloop

There are reports on Steam of micro stuttering affecting Deathloop. I haven’t seen any issues with this on any of the test machines, and that’s after updating to the release build, but will continue to monitor the situation.

Deathloop’s Blackreef is not a welcoming place. If the ice-cold environment doesn’t kill you then its crazy masked inhabitants surely will. But don’t let the game’s settings get in the way of your death-dodging adventures. We’re here to point you in the right direction when it comes to the settings that matter, and unlike the game, we’re not going to be too cryptic about it.

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The good news is that Arkane Lyon has done a knock-out job with the PC version of Deathloop. It runs well on a variety of systems, and thanks to a well-equipped settings menu, you should be able to get it running smoothly on older hardware too.

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