The best UK VPN in 2021

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The best UK VPN in 2021

The best VPN should always work well as a UK VPN, but no matter which you pick, it’ll be your first line of defence if you want to maintain true online privacy. With 2016’s Investigatory Powers Act – charmingly nicknamed the Snoopers’ Charter – still alive and kicking, Brits wishing to stay anonymous online will need the assistance of a quality UK VPN.

While we won’t delve into the politics behind any legislation, it’s clear that the UK government has some of the most intrusive online powers in Europe, and a VPN is a great tool for staying safe and anonymous. However, that’s not all a UK VPN is good for.

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Getting access to BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world is super useful for watching exclusive British TV shows like Line of Duty, and a UK VPN is also perfect for accessing ITV and Channel 4, too – staying secure while you do it is the cherry on top.

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