The best Windows 11-ready laptops so far

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The best Windows 11-ready laptops so far

The best Windows 11-ready laptops will make sure you’re ready for Windows 11 when it arrives October 5. All of these recommendations exceed Microsoft’s Windows 11 requirements, so you should have no issues running the new operating system. 

If you have an older Windows 10 laptop, it might be game over, as the security requirements of Windows 11 means the OS needs certain processor features found in the likes of the Intel Tiger Lake chips. So you may need a new laptop, and we’re here to help. 

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We’ve pulled together a list of the best Window 11-ready laptops so far based on our testing and reviews. So if you need a new laptop for Windows 11 — or simply want to take this opportunity to buy one — take a look at the machines below. 

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