The iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode Is Plain Stunning

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The iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode Is Plain Stunning

The iPhone’s cameras get most of their superpowers from custom silicon running powerful software. The iPhone 13 is no exception, using raw computing power to create the fantastic Cinematic mode. But it also introduces hardware changes that improve all cameras, especially in the iPhone 13 Pro. But there are all kinds of reasons to upgrade or hold off. 

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“The only reason I’m not as interested in the cinematic mode is that it looks like it’s built upon portrait mode, so it might not be as sharp as actually having a lens focus on a subject,” photographer and app developer Chris Hannah told Lifewire via direct message. “[But] the telephoto is a main reason why I’m upgrading.”

The most significant differences between the iPhones 13 and 13 Pro are physical. The 13 has a 2x optical zoom range, for example, whereas the Pro gets 6x. The Pro also has a LiDAR scanner for better movies, low-light autofocus, and portrait mode photos. It also has superior lenses, which enable macro mode. This lets you focus as close as two centimeters or less than an inch. 

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