The Joys of Upgrading Late

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The Joys of Upgrading Late

It’s understandable why people will upgrade to the newest smartphone or computer every year or two, but I find there’s a certain magic to waiting much longer than that.

I’m terrible with replacing my stuff before it either stops functioning or disintegrates entirely. It’s just how I’ve always been. The more essential an item, the more likely I am to avoid replacing it with something that isn’t falling apart.

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Both of my work-essential devices, my iPhone and MacBook, were seven and eight years old, respectively. They got things done, but I needed to get newer hardware to open up more opportunities. So I traded in my (comparably) ancient iPhone 6S for an iPhone 12 Pro, and swapped my even more ancient 2014 MacBook Air for a MacBook Pro. The sudden jump in hardware quality and OS features felt like getting slapped in the face with an ice cold Starship Enterprise.

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