The Plodding, Dreamlike Melancholy of 'Titan Chaser'

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The Plodding, Dreamlike Melancholy of 'Titan Chaser'

It was absolutely Titan Chaser’s spooky and somewhat unearthly screenshots on the Nintendo Switch eShop that first caught my attention. Everything has this ethereal quality to it—almost like it takes place in a dream. Looking at and playing the game are two very different things, but I was relieved to find that it was pretty much exactly what I wanted.

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Sure, it’s rough around the edges and there are a lot (I mean a lot) of meticulous and tedious actions required to do something as basic as driving down the road. Yeah, navigation is tough when your map stays on the passenger seat and your compass is on the floor. But this is an inexpensive and kind of experimental indie game, and I legitimately love weird, meticulous stuff like that. 

Everything takes place in an open, but relatively small, rural area somewhere on what I think is Earth. Or maybe it’s a dream. It’s difficult to tell either way, but the place is just the right size. It’s big enough for exploration to feel satisfying, but small enough so that getting lost or getting back to the hotel doesn’t take very long. And it’s blanketed in a mood that’s simultaneously unsetting and kind of comforting.

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