The Switch OLED Is Exactly What I Wanted From Nintendo

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The Switch OLED Is Exactly What I Wanted From Nintendo

Nintendo’s upcoming Switch OLED might not be the Switch Pro many were hoping for, but it brings exactly what I want from a new Switch to the table.

For months, rumors and leaks that Nintendo would release a Switch Pro with support for 60FPS, 4K resolution, and more valuable features have been making the rounds. Earlier this week, though, Nintendo put it all to rest when it announced the Switch OLED Model. The new Switch is exactly what it sounds like, but instead of the LCD panel found on the current model, it features an OLED screen. That’s a handy update, but something that many have found disappointing is the lack of any upgrade to its resolution output.

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Where many hoped for 4K, Nintendo has chosen to continue with the 1080P output when docked, and a max of 720P when playing in handheld mode. It’s not the most ideal solution if you wanted to experience the Breath of the Wild sequel in 4K, but it isn’t a deal breaker, either. In fact, for someone like me, who uses the device in handheld mode rather than docked, it’s the perfect upgrade to make my portable gaming a little better.

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