The Zens Liberty is the AirPower wireless charger that Apple couldn’t make

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The Zens Liberty is the AirPower wireless charger that Apple couldn’t make

Ever since the sudden cancellation of Apple’s AirPower wireless charger, tons of companies have tried to fill the gap in the market by offering their own takes on the failed product. But with the Liberty wireless charger, Zens has succeeded where Apple failed: it built a multiple-coil wireless charger that actually delivers on its promise.

AirPower-style wireless chargers are a dime a dozen these days: take two Qi charging pads, throw in a USB Apple Watch cable, and you’ve got something that looks like Apple’s failed charger. But the real innovation of the AirPower charger wasn’t in its ability to charge an iPhone, a pair of AirPods, and an Apple Watch all at once; it was Apple’s attempt to use 21 to 24 charging coils (instead of the standard one or two) to make a charger that wouldn’t require precise placement or alignment of the charging coils.

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The glass-and-aluminum Liberty doesn’t look much like Apple’s canceled charger, but it does exactly what AirPower promised: just drop your phone or earbuds anywhere on the pad, and they’ll charge, thanks to the 16 charging coils inside. There’s no moving things around to make sure the coils are lined up, no sliding your phone up and down, no anxious glances to see if the charging indicator goes on. It works the way wireless charging should always work.

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