This Raspberry Pi Zero Geiger Counter Costs Under $100

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This Raspberry Pi Zero Geiger Counter Costs Under 0

Detecting radiation shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and, with creations like this one by maker Llub888, it doesn’t have to. With the help of a Raspberry Pi Zero W, Llub888 has managed to create a working Geiger counter using just around $50 worth of parts.

Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects we’ve come across are practical, even in a post-apocalyptic sense. This isn’t the first Raspberry Pi-powered Geiger counter we’ve covered but it is a more cost-effective one.

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The system is comprised of three main components: the Pi Zero W, a 2×16 LCD display, and a Geiger sensor board known as the RadiationD-v.1.1 Cajoe. The Geiger sensor board features a Geiger tube and sends data in real-time to the Pi. The information is relayed to the LCD display, providing a readout of currently detected radiation levels.

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