This Strand-infused Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer absolutely whips

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This Strand-infused Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer absolutely whips

A new trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall expansion aired at The Game Awards live tonight, and it’s all about the Strand subclasses coming in February.

Strand is a new, whips-and-wires element sculpted from refined Darkness and space-time mumbo-jumbo. It’s all about movement, in case you couldn’t tell from the way one player grapples onto a Juggernaut Titan mid-flight in tonight’s trailer. All three classes can use a Strand grappling hook, and it looks like a powerful tool with a lot of utility. You can yoink enemies, form grapple points in the air, and apparently use your friends as taxis. 

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The bumping music and fluorescent background of the new trailer also gives us some more insight into Neomuna, the cyberpunk city where we’ll ally with Cloud Striders to fend off the Shadow Legion and other minions of the Darkness. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the Destiny universe before, and it looks like a good spot for a holiday.  

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