Titanium iPads Could Fix Bending—at a Cost

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Titanium iPads Could Fix Bending—at a Cost

Would you trade a bendy iPad for an iPad that collected grubby fingerprints? 

According to a supply-chain report, Apple may be working on a titanium iPad, which could be stiffer and more durable than its aluminum models. Titanium certainly sounds cool and offers some properties that aluminum can never match, but it also has some significant downsides. 

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“Titanium is definitely stronger than stainless steel and aluminum and will be way more resistant to scratches,” tech consultant and CEO of gaming computer maker WePC Kaitlyn Rayment told Lifewire via email. “However titanium isn’t very resistant to oily dirty fingerprints. Reports have been saying that Apple has been researching thin oxide surface coating to reduce its effects.”

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