Torchlight 3 review

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Torchlight 3 review

Torchlight 3 does a great job with its class design, but the world feels barren and unfinished.

What is it? The third game of a beloved ARPG franchise.
Reviewed on: Windows 10, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz 16.0 GB RAM  
Price: $40
Release date: Out now
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Developer: Echtra Games
Multiplayer: Online co-op up to four players.
Link: Official site

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Torchlight never wanted more than a little of your time. The first game arrived in 2009 during a relatively quiet period for action RPGs, and was praised for its clever class design, colorful dungeon crawls, and cock-eyed personality. This was three years away from Diablo 3, and four years from Path of Exile, so most of us were thrilled to annihilate legions of gremlins from an isometric perspective again. 11 years later, the franchise is back with a new developer and the same svelte design philosophy. Torchlight 3 remains a tight, low-stakes, click-heavy Diablo-like, but it doesn’t quite have the same magnetic allure it did a decade ago.

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