V Rising is a survival game where you’re a vampire

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V Rising is a survival game where you’re a vampire

Vampires are always thirsty and they have an antagonistic relationship with trees—well, wooden stakes—which makes them perfect protagonists for a survival game. Hell, one of the first things the gameplay trailer for vampire survival game V Rising shows is an angry dracula going to town on a tree with an axe, it’s like the the opening minutes of a new game of Don’t Starve only even more goth.

From there it gets a little more interesting, showing that you’ll be able to craft your own castle, ride a horse, and build a crew of horse-riding buds, all while dodging daylight. (Although some of the action takes place in the daytime as well, apparently you can craft gear to lessen the hated daystar’s effects.) 

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Of interest to those familiar with Stunlock Studios’ previous game Battlerite is the combat, which definitely seems to have some of the same spinny arena-brawler DNA. Lots of dashing, whirling, skillshots, and leaping up for slamdowns, combined with trad vamp moves like turning invisible or being a bat for a bit.

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