Valheim’s food rebalance has already been rebalanced

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Valheim’s food rebalance has already been rebalanced

Valheim’s big Hearth and Home update arrived yesterday, giving players the long-promised rebalance to the food system. Meals were changed to mostly focus on primarily boosting stamina or health instead of giving considerable buffs to both as they used to. 

For instance, serpent stew, which used to buff both stamina and health by 80 points, was changed so it only buffed stamina by 5 points. That was a massive adjustment to one of the game’s most useful foods. The combat rebalance in Hearth and Home also means that blocking and parrying is now based on health instead of stamina: The underlying idea was that players would focus on either stamina or health boosting foods depending on their combat playstyle. 

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But the rebalance doesn’t seem to have gone over too well with many Valheim players. If you want to chow down on health-boosting foods it’ll leave you without a big stamina bar, meaning even just running around will be more of a chore, let alone firing arrows or swinging an axe. If you fill up on stamina-based foods, you’ll limit your blocking and parrying ability. Some players have been enjoying the new, more challenging system, but many have complained it takes away a lot of options during combat.

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