Walmart’s $30 Streaming Stick Isn’t Bad for the Price

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Walmart’s  Streaming Stick Isn’t Bad for the Price

Despite looking generic and extremely cheap, Walmart’s $30 streaming device delivers a decent 4K streaming experience for those who want entertainment at a discount.

I wasn’t expecting much out of Walmart’s onn.-branded streaming device. Sure, other companies have managed to deliver fairly decent streaming systems for a little above that $30 price tag, but Walmart’s previous attempts to break into tech haven’t always turned out for the best. Still, I was intrigued. For the longest time, Roku has been my go-to streaming setup, just because I like the layout and it offers everything I need in one place. Could Walmart deliver something just as good for less?

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Well, not quite. But, the Walmart streaming device isn’t bad, especially if you’re just looking for something that can deliver 4K without costing you a lot of money.

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