Warhammer+ Could Be Better Than Expected

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Warhammer+ Could Be Better Than Expected

Games Workshop, the company behind the popular tabletop miniature wargaming franchise Warhammer, is creating its own streaming content platform called Warhammer+. And it's not as bad an idea as you think.

When Warhammer+ launches on August 25, it will include two new animated series, along with advanced tutorials on how to paint mini figurines, gaming shows, and a Warhammer lore show. It also offers a back catalog of digital tie-in novels and White Dwarf magazine issues, full access to official Warhammer apps, and more.

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“Warhammer+ is obviously going after a very niche audience, which can be a tough thing to do in streaming,” Stephen Lovely, editor-in-chief of CordCutting.com, told Lifewire via email. “It’s priced on the lower end at $5.99 per month, which is pretty typical for a niche service. Shudder, for example, is an all-horror service at a similar price point. What makes Warhammer+ interesting to me is that it’s not even targeting something as broad as a genre—it’s only about one specific game.”

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