WarioWare is Quirky Fun, 15 Seconds at a Time

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WarioWare is Quirky Fun, 15 Seconds at a Time

WarioWare: Get It Together! is the ninth installment in Nintendo's quirk-tastic “microgame” collections, starring Mario's greedy doppelganger and the surprisingly large cast of eccentric characters in his orbit.

The appeal of WarioWare has always been its sheer rapid-fire creativity. Each entry in the series contains dozens if not hundreds of short, intuitive games that can and must be completed in seconds flat.

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It was always one of my go-to games for Nintendo's old portable systems, as it provided an instant bite-size distraction whenever I needed one. Waiting on my takeout order? The people ahead of me are taking forever to disembark from the plane? This guy cornered me at a party and he's extremely boring? WarioWare time. It always had my back when I needed it.

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