What Do Authors Think of Amazon’s Vella?

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What Do Authors Think of Amazon’s Vella?

Vella is Amazon’s new serialized-fiction platform, and like any good publisher of regular content, the first few installments of any series are free.

Amazon is muscling in on the popular territory of serial-fiction platforms like Radish, and to a lesser extent Wattpad, which is more focused on publishing entire stories. Serialization is more open than conventional publishing, even in the age of self-publishing direct to Kindle, and has a lower barrier to entry. But will Vella turn Amazon into a gatekeeper? Can authors trust it?

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“I don’t trust Amazon to treat authors right. I hope to be treated somewhat decently, but I’m not expecting it,” multi-platform serialization queer dark fantasy romance author A.W. Frasier told Lifewire. “It’s a business, [and] we’re cogs in a big factory that makes a certain CEO a lot of money. I’m just hoping to make some for myself, as well.”

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