What Experts Think About Disney Plus Censoring Kids Content

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What Experts Think About Disney Plus Censoring Kids Content

Kids’ profiles on the streaming platform no longer show films that feature an advisory message on racism. Some of these movies include Peter Pan, The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, and Dumbo, which have to be watched with parental approval. Experts say this is a good move on Disney’s part to make content containing racial stereotypes less accessible to watch. 

“Disney is finally doing something [it] should have done many years ago: admitting racial prejudices and stereotyping,” wrote Jamil Aziz, the team lead of digital marketing at Streaming Digitally, to Lifewire in an email. “This small step will have a great impact in the long term.” 

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Disney has acknowledged the inappropriate, racist content in its former films since it first released the Disney Plus streaming service in November 2019. The company added content warnings that would appear before the start of specific titles. 

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