What’s the best way to play PC VR games for cheap?

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What’s the best way to play PC VR games for cheap?

While our list of the best VR headsets will have you gloriously immersed in your favourite games, they aren’t exactly affordable pieces of kit. But VR doesn’t have to be expensive. If you already have a smartphone in your possession, there’s a cheap and easy VR solution waiting to slingshot you into the 21st century—one that involves spending little more than $30.

Thanks to Google’s Cardboard VR project that surfaced back near the dawn of virtual reality, a whole host of inexpensive answers to VR have sprung up. Many of these involve housing smartphones in clever enclosures, designed to mimic high-end VR headsets at a fraction of the cost. But don’t think because these are mobile-centric devices you’re banished to playing mobile games.

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