What’s With All These Cool Retro Cameras?

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What’s With All These Cool Retro Cameras?

Nikon's new Z fc camera looks like an old Nikon FE film camera from the '70s. It’s totally rad, and it’s not the only retro-style camera around. What’s the angle here?

Nikon’s latest mirrorless camera, the Z fc, is pretty much the same camera as 2019’s Z 50, only with a redesigned, retro-style body. And yet it’s causing quite a stir across camera forums and photography blogs. Nikon already has announced that it will not be able to meet initial demand. Meanwhile, Fujifilm has built its entire camera lineup since 2010 on models that mimic film cameras of yesteryear. 

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“There’s a lot to be said about a tactile interface and the feeling that you’re directly interacting with a gear/clutch/mechanism vs. jabbing at an old TV remote control,” EM, founder of film and film-camera-dedicated website Emulsive, told Lifewire via email.

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